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Dr Craig Campbell BDS (Otago) NZSSM(Asian Tsunami)

(Founder) Keynote Speaker

Professional Digital Educator


Dr Steve Tiang BDS (Otago)

#DPR Founder / DIGITAL Expert

Professional Digital Educator


Dr Pete Dayman BDS (Sydney)

#CEREC-Files Founder

Professional Digital Educator


2021 Education Overview

The CEREC Courses, and the Visitors :-)

The CEREC Level ONE & TWO Courses

4 Years in the making, I have wanted this to be a complete experience. To help clinicians through the transition from Analogue care to Digital care, we need a mixture of education, hands on assistance with how we prepare teeth, and current literature that supports these principals. 

Its not enough in this day to just ask people to take a leap of faith. We have all witnessed those with amazing skills demonstrate techniques that have failed miserably in others hands.

Take our experience, knowledge and help, to gain your own confidence, in what will change your practicing career for good.

These Modules, are out together to the same ethic as what has succesfully help hundreds in Australia, with the #CEREC-Files Modules, and is intended to compliment, not compete with these high-quality courses. In NZ we now have access to the University Advanced Simulation Clinic, which allows us now to take all participants through a Lesson Based Hands-on Teaching to develop take home changes in the clinical care you provide.

Social, Culinary & Academia - The Dinners

The most enjoyable learning events are sometimes those not too intense. This evening, is aiming to be a lovely balance of great food, familiar company of our companions, and some learning.


This "Social, Culinary & Academia" format will have a different theme to each meeting, keeping us fresh and wanting.


On these evenings, we will enjoy the melting pot of together with a 1-hour Presentation on the current state of Digital Implant Prosthodontics, and the journey it has taken over the last 20 years


Our Next fun evening will be also themed Malaysian due to the enjoyment of the previous participants, on Friday 9th April, 2021.


- Dr Craig Campbell.

Practice Management - Incorporating CEREC

Specifically designed to help Auxillary staff understand what the dentist is trying to achieve. With specific hands-on training in how to Scan, the principals of design, and Problem Solving, the intention of this workshop is to help the CAD/CAM dentist to make their life easier by bringing their Dental Assistants to a good level of familiarity and comfort with the CAD/CAM process.

Our next CAD/CAM f0r Dental Assistants will be on the 9th April 2021.

Taught by Dr Craig Campbell @ DentalontheShore Clinic



Institute of Digital Prosthodontics

- Communication is everything, my personal email is craig@dentalontheshore.co.nz, we will always try to help.

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