CEREC LEVEL 3 - Advanced Digital Implantology

Level THREE  

20 Hours CPD


Advanced 2-Day Handon Workshop, emphasising Literature, Hand-Skills & technique

Course Fee $3,800NZD (inc GST)  - Limited to 5 Attendees

2020 Course Dates


2021 Course Dates

10th & 11th April (Sat/Sun)

9th & 10th October (Sat/Sun)

2022 Course Dates

13th & 14th January (Thur/Fri)

Day 1 - Examination & Planning

From Scan to CBCT to the Guide

Implant Care begins at the consultation. From the IntraOral Scan, to the CBCT and the implementation in Various DICOM/STL based Planning Platforms, we look to ascertain a Digital Only Planning Procedure to allow the utilisation of all prosthetic data available, to produce a Fully Guided Implant Stent, ready for surgery.

To know the appropriate way to place implants for either single unit, multiple unit or full arch though, a review of the ITI concepts of SAC is required which will examine a large amount of real life casework to demonstrate the considerations one must adopt.

Day 2 - Surgery & Restoration

Placement,Temporisation, Restoration

Our PreProduced Implant Stent, produced the day before will allow the placement, scanning and design, of our superstructure to be placed on the same day. 

We will further then expand into handon real life cases of multiple implants, and then examine the challenges and procedures involved in full arch All-on-X Casework, including challenges, failures successes and current academic literature.

A practical all in one day procedure will be actively demonstrated, including a lab visit to OralArt, where 2 MCX5 Lab units will demonstrate their strengths in the construction of full arch immediate full arch restorations.