Dr Craig Campbell, BDS NZSSM (Asian Tsunami)

Founder of Institute of Digital Prosthodontics

Experienced CEREC Trainer / Mentor

Experienced Dentist / Surgical Dentist

Current Key Opinion Leader - DentsplySirona

- CEREC / inLab

- Digital Guided Surgery

- Implantology

International Lecturer - NZ, AUS, SE Asia

General Dental Surgeon

Forensic Odontologist

Past President NZ Society of Forensic Odontology

Recipient NZ Special Services Medal for Deployment to Thailand in 2005 following the Boxing Day Tsunami for the NZ Police.

Established Dental on the Shore in 2001

Graduated 1998 University of Otago

Married with two Munchkins :-)

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I promise to not be offended :-)

Please note, Level 2 & 3 Level Training provided by myself will suit the requirements of those undertaking PostGraduate Study or those who are specialists at this point despite this course not being taught by a registered specialist

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Hi, I'm Craig. This Institute is my passion. We are heading into an incredible time of dental care, being able to engage patients like never before, and to involve and inform them of the solutions we have available, and the predictability that awaits.

I wish to deliver, an academic experience like you have never had before. From anecdotes and understandings from 20 years in the same practice, to the handouts that deliver you the current literature, I wish you to leave these courses with an understanding, a skill, and a passion to deliver to your patients.

I look forward to the growth of this initiative, through which I can finally share my journey, both the challenges and achievements.

I am not a Prosthodontist, but a General Practitioner, whose enthusiasm and passion knows no boundaries. :-)

I have worked all my career in conjunction with patients who through explicit communication of care have asked me to assist them in achieving their desired outcomes.

Digital Technology, has made that process easier, more involving and open, with the result being that I developed a desire to share with others,

see you soon,

Dr Craig Campbell