Level 2 Courses

- Mastery

With a good grasp of Single-Unit Digital Prosthodontics, many practitioners will find their comfort zone. For those fortunate to have experienced early CAM/CAM days of the early 2000's single unit CAD/CAM work is reliable and predictable.

The problem is it becomes a restrictive workflow, with limited application in general practice. To take this further, to include Anterior restorations, Smile Makeovers and multiple materials, further learning provides the evidence base to implement.

Our Level 2 Events provide this focus, both through advanced hands-on teaching, team training, and Academic Literature updates. These events are more specific to the particular field of implementation, such as Anterior Aesthetics, Smile Makeovers, Quadrant dentistry and simple single Implant Digital Placement.

To achieve comfort in providing Level 2 Digital Care, one should have a good solid understanding of their Posterior CAD/CAM care, and the materials that they work with. 

Level 2 courses will incorporate much more specialist literature, with a focus on Aesthetics, and strong input from the Dental Technician Field.

Dr Craig Campbell