Level 3 Courses

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Once the Dentist is comfortable to explore the CAD/CAM Systems in full depth, we find the boundaries of both our skill set, Academic knowledge and the technological limitations present with both materials and machinery.

At this stage though, one has established a trust in Digital Platforms, together with an appreciation for the incredible materials that have been developed for us over the last few decades.

At Level 3, we actively are encouraging General & Specialist Dentists to attend. Periodontists, Oral Surgeons and Prosthodontists, will appreciate the literature based presentations, which will include take home Full-text publications in PDF format.

Level 3 is entirely about pushing the boundaries, but maintaining a focus on predictable outcomes. The use of Advanced Platforms such as Inlab, combined with Advanced Implant Planning software such as Simplant and CoDiagnostics takes us into the field of Fully Guided Full Arch Digital Care. Alternatively, the process, logistics and challenges found in Full Arch Rehabilitation gives plenty for us to explore both solutions and experiences we have encountered, and examine the challenges you face in your own practice.

Level 3 Events Require completion of at least one Level 2 event prior.

Topics for Level 3 include:

Digital Implantology : from TiBase Restorations to Full arch guided Surgery

Full Arch Prosthodontics : Restoring the single arch in one Day

Advanced inLab : incorporating Printing, 5 axis milling and advanced layering techniques to bring Lab level processing into your Clinical Care.