Dr Peter Dayman BDS (Sydney)

Co-Founder of #CEREC-Files

Experienced CEREC Trainer / Mentor

General Dentist of 20 + Years in Sydney, AUS

Pragmatic Expert in Life 101

Peter is one of the three original musketeers, of the CEREC-FILES tribe. 

His entire Dental Career has services the Potts Point community of Sydney, AUS.

His association with Dr Campbell extends many years back, with enough cross over adn relevance to require his involvement in the DigitalPros activities :-)


With an expertise in modern rock, an eye for colour and artwork, but a passion for teeth and childhood experience in Denture setups, our Peter Dayman is a unique experience...

Pete brings a natural understanding of dentistry to those who want to gain more.

Whether its his pragmatic advise on the treatment planning of the patient, or the way in which he selects a particular bur to retain more dentine, those taught by Pete will never forget him.

Dr Craig Campbell