Level 1 Courses

- Proficiency

The transition from traditional impression and model based prosthodontics can be daunting. The learning curve is unfamiliar, and can create headaches and stress along with sub-standard clinical results.

Level 1 Events are focused upon establishment of core principals of Digital Dental care and their relationship to the traditional methods employed as taught in Undergraduate training.

Lectures and presentations have a focus not just on Digital Prosthodontics, but also the foundation topics that support it including the basics of Occlusion, Radiology and Biomaterial teaching.

Our Level 1 courses provide a very strong base for those wishing to transition into the Digital Prosthodontic field in a safe manner, providing a framework to follow.

It is not normal to expect yourself to have the skillset to simply purchase machinery that can provide you CAD/CAM milled restorations and expect these restorations to match what you were taught to provide in your undergraduate teaching. To learn the necessary skillset, requires some "back to uni" over your shoulder education, including Academic understanding of the materials you intend to use, the understanding of Bonding vs Cementation, and above all, the manual skillset of preparing teeth the correct way and learning the CERAMIC technician skillset of Polishing / Refining / Staining / Glazing.

To incorporate this skillset, you will be trained in such a way to learn the assessment process of which clinical cases you should, and shouldnt be undertaking.

Dr Craig Campbell