Dr Steve Tiang BDS (Otago)

Founder/Admin of Digital Product Review (DPR)

Founder/Admin of other groups

Experienced CEREC User

Experienced online GURU 


- CERECFiles



- NZ dentists & Specialists Group.

General Dental Surgeon

- Hamilton, NZ - 20 years


Steve, is not a robot.

Despite many thinking that the incredible wealth of advise received by so many over the last 5 years could only be delivered by an online service, its just been "Steve".

An Otago trained dentist, with a passion for Hockey and an absolute love for doing the best for his patients, Steve learnt the hard way, with the practice landing in his hands not many years out of dental school.

As a result, many have learnt from his pragmatic advise, which has always and only ever come from his want to share experience.

Steve in our courses will be your tutor in helping you to re-examine some of the basic handskills that we learnt without always a complete grasp or understanding.